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How to Create Events

Adding events to the calendar (including offering tickets/seats/spaces) is a free service that is automated for you. It’s easy to set up and easy to manage! No more duplicate entries, no calendaring steps, no more counting signups. You can even have payment collected through your own PayPal account, integrated into your event with the info all in one place.

Ground Rules for Offering Events to the Homeschool Community

  1. Use your real name and contact info, so people know exactly who they are dealing with.
  2. Include all necessary information for those considering attendance.
    • Date
    • Time
    • Place
    • Cost and payment instructions (you can collect payment automatically through PayPal)
    • Ages/genders invited (whether parents/siblings/babies allowed)
    • Special attire
    • Any other important info
  3. Be responsible! Homeschool events must be managed by the creator. Leave contact info and make sure you check (and respond to) comments left on your event.
  4. Events can be restricted by age and/or gender. (If you want a choir for girls 14–16, go for it!)
  5. Events cannot be restricted by group. (If you want a trip to the pumpkin patch only for those in your support group, advertise in your support group, not here.)

 Event Setup Process

Not yet complete! Coming soon!

Login to your account. You need to have Author status to create events. If you’d like to have author status, contact us and we will make the change.

In the dashboard, click on Events>Add New in the left sidebar. (You need to have contributor status to create an event, so contact us if you need further access.)

Basic Information

Add a descriptive title to your event in the field that says Enter title here.

Add a basic description with any special instructions. (You do not need to add date, time, venue, cost, etc. That will come below.)

Date, Time, and Venue Information

Scroll down to the Event Details section. Here you will add date/time/place information. (Take the time to do this right the first time, as edits will affect any bookings already completed.)

Enter the start date and time  in the Start Date/Time fields and the end date and time in the End Date/Time fields.

If this event has multiple occurrences (such as an ongoing class or series):

  • Enter the first occurrence in the date/time fields.
  • Enter the recurrence schedule from the Recurrence drop down menu. (Use Custom if the recurrence is irregular.)
  • Check the calendar to add custom dates and/or to exclude dates (such as for holidays). The highlighted dates are included.

Add a venue from the Venue popup menu. If the venue you are using doesn’t exist, you may add the actual venue by clicking the + button. (Please check the list carefully before adding new venues.) Add the proper venue name and exact physical address when adding a venue. (This will add a map and clickable driving directions to your event.)

Booking, Tickets, RSVP

If this event requires booking (you need a head count, event has limited spacing, and/or you are collecting money through your PayPal account), scroll down to the Event Tickets section.

Publish Your Event

When you have completed the desired steps above, just click the Publish button in the right sidebar.

Calendar, Lists, Advertise

Your event info is automatically included in the calendar and event lists. There is no need to do this separately. These additions link back to your individual event posting.

If you want to advertise your event in other venues, simple paste the URL of your specific event in an email, bulletin board, social network, or website. You can find the URL by clicking on the View Event link right under the title field at the top of your post. Once you are viewing  your event, just copy the URL from the browser URL field.