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How to Use Homeschool Open Source

This info is being updated as time allows!

Field Trips, Events, Activities

Sign Up for and Event

To sign up for an event, follow the directions on the particular event. Read carefully! Anyone can sponsor an event. Procedures will vary widely. It is up to you to understand the terms.

Create an Event for Others to Attend

Planning field trips, activities, parties, and events for other homeschoolers is a phenomenal service that benefits your kids, you, and the entire community. If you’d like to create an event for the group, just follow the How to Create Events directions.


Read the Blog

The Homeschool Open Source blog is a group blog or posts directly related to the homeschool journey created by members of the homeshchooling community. You can access the blog in a variety of formats:

  • Posts by date, most recent first
  • Posts by subject category
  • Posts by author

To get regular updates about what’s been posted on the blog, subscribe to our email feed.

Write a Blog Post

We welcome contributions from all points of view and all methods. Open input and discussion is key. We ask that all contributors to:

  • Write with civility
  • Refrain from vulgarity or obscenity
  • Craft a post that is understandable, focused, grammatically correct, and directly relevant to homeschooling
  • Learn basics of WordPress (tutorial videos are available in the dashboard)

If you’d like to write for us — one time or regularly — simply create a user account and contact us, requesting author status. Include a short bio for your author box that includes your homeschooling background.

Comment on a Post

To comment on a post, simply scroll to the bottom of any single post and enter the required information in the fields provided. If this is your first comment using that particular criteria (name/email combination), the comment will be put in moderation until an administrator clears it. Thereafter, you posts will go live immediately.

Discussion, differing viewpoints, and debate are welcome. As with authors, we ask for civility and respect in all conversations without ad hominem.

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